Artificial intelligence (AI) has an important role to play in future healthcare offerings as it will improve automation, accuracy, consistency, better integration and clinical cross collaboration.

AI in Radiology and Radiotherapy will automate some of the daily workflow challenges carried out by medical professionals to assist them with making quicker, and better decisions, and applying problem-solving techniques that humans alone could not do before.

AMG Technology
AMG Technology


AI can make a difference as the algorithms can collate data from many hospitals worldwide, using thousands of normal and rare cases to support the diagnosis by Clinicians. It will speed up processes, increasing accuracy so the need for human verification is reduced, or enabling the system to work on a wider range of image qualities.

The use of AI algorithms which can identify which scans are most appropriate for immediate reporting or for consideration for escalation, e.g. from chest X-ray to CT scan, can benefit both patient care and reporting radiographers.

Improving image reconstruction with deep-learning or other AI algorithms will eventually cut down scanning or treatment times, increase diagnostic confidence and speed up clinical workflows.

About Us

AMG Medtech offer a specialist consultancy service and distribution of medical technologies across the UK, Ireland and BeNeLux.

Our team of people bring over 20 years experience and expertise in medical imaging, cardiology and radiotherapy. We understand the workflows and scaling them for different departments and across geographical networks, so that you can deliver quality treatment with efficiency and consistency.

We understand the challenges hospitals and cancer clinics face every day with limited resources, lack of trained staff, and overwhelming clinician workloads all inadvertently take a toll on patient care and treatment.

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AMG Medtech have vendor neutral AI solutions that are effective with all radiotherapy treatment modalities including photon, proton and MRI.


The fully CE marked AI software follows the latest national and international segmentation guidelines, including ESTRO, RTOG & SABR.

For Radiology we have a wide range of AI software solutions for post-processing of Cardiology, Lung, Chest MSK, Breast & Neuro images.

SABR – Stereotactive Ablative Radiotherapy is also called Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT). It is a method of accurately targeting radiotherapy to a tumour from many different directions.

Patients are being offered more convenient cancer treatment, which is why all of our products are based on good quality data, seamless integration, reduced variabilities and faster workflows.

The traditional treatment planning process takes days to create an optimised radiation therapy delivery plan, but new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are helping speed up this process for customers and patients.

Thermotherapy – The Sensius thermotherapy system is fully adapted to the radiotherapy workflow.

Thermotherapy uses focused microwaves to heat treatment sites to 42C. In combination with traditional therapies, such a radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, it enhances the clinical outcome or lowers toxicity.

It takes around one hour and it is a highly automated repeatable process, using AI auto segmentation software. Precise patient positioning is easy to reproduce and monitore using facial recognition software, and the water bolus and comfortable mattress ensure that the patient is fully relaxed during their thermotherapy treatment.

This adaptive treatment enables a good co-operation between the therapist and patient. This interactive adaptation is called a balanced treatment.

We understand your need for the best in class products that will save you valuable time and be future proof.





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