AMG Consultancy Services

It is well known that launching a new CE marked or established AI software solution into a new healthcare market or country is a complex business.

So our experienced and recognised consultants are able to support your new AI technology, in the fields of cancer treatment, cardiology, medical imaging and diagnostics.

You will expect to grow your AI software business to the benefit customers and patients, so feel confident that AMG Medtech will deliver the results to enhance or transform your business.

AMG Medtech can use either key project milestones or other mutually agreed deliverables, giving transparency to our clients and placing the emphasis back on the quality of our work.

By collaborating with our clients we can create and deliver strategies to assist them through this complex processes, address their challenges and achieve their business goals.

    · Giving you pro active advice and communication, with a range of client types from the end user customer to other external stakeholders.

    · Expertise in Business Development, Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Market Penetration, Strategic Insight and Planning.

    · A direct personalised approach to Hospitals, physicians, and scientific or clinically lead groups.

    · Full support to launch your established or new groundbreaking AI software solutions and technology, with clinical proof-cases and papers.

    · Analytical skills to devise strategies and processes which could be improved on, or used to update or speed up their workflows and patient diagnosis.

    · Advising you and providing you with expertise or insight on the local and national Healthcare laws, policies and current legislation.

    · Working with clients to understand their requirements and then developing compelling proposals, so they are future proof and flexible to meet customers needs over time.

    · Arranging and supporting pre-clinical and clinical research studies or trials to test your AI software solutions.

    · Guide you along the path to successful implementation of your AI technology with KOL’s who will be keen to do research and development collaborations