Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

MIM understands the need to have a powerful platform that serves all who contribute to the Nuclear Medicine department.
Our Nuclear Medicine Solution empowers both physicians and technologists to work harmoniously through the use of a common platform and set of tools for PET/CT, SPECT, and MRI.

MIM Encore®

A Comprehensive Solution for PET and Nuclear Medicine

We know the growing need of having efficiency in your department while providing exceptional patient care.

MIM has developed a Nuclear Medicine Solution that will not only compliment your Nuclear Medicine workflow, but provide effective tools for enhanced diagnosis while saving you time.

MIM drives the Nuclear Medicine workflow.

Combine industry-leading therapy response tools for PET with advanced Nuclear Medicine display and processing.

Lesion ID

•  Quantitative Image Guidance

•  Enables clinicians to make decisions with confidence

•  LesionID® supports the calculation of total tumor burden as well as individual statistics based on user-customizable cut-off criteria including PERCIST.

Advancements in Theranostics

•  Timesaving tools for organ and tumor VOI generation.

•  Theranostics allow clinicians to determine appropriate treatments based on imaging and then deliver the targets focused on the same imaged targets.

•  MIM’s advanced segmentation, image registration, and dosimetry tools are well-equipped to manage the latest advances in this field

Vendor Neutral

•  View and process images from virtually any camera manufacturer.

•  Supports all modalities: CT, MR, PET, SPECT, as well as Interventional.

Personalize Your Workflow

•  Create custom displays tailored toward the preference of your Nuclear Medicine department.

•  Integrates with Radiology PACS and PowerScribe® 360 dictation software.

MIM Assistant®

•  Process, store and backup data with one software system.

•  Nuclear Medicine MiniPACS.

•  Fully integrated with all MIM applications.

•  Automated data management and workflow tools.

•  Long-term backup for raw NM exams.


•  Visualize the difference in brain analysis with our quantitative analysis software at work, we make it easy for you to review your exams and gather your results.

•  Experience multi-tracer support and quick quantitative analysis all at your fingertips.

•  Multi-Tracer Support
– PET – FDG, Amyvid™, NeuraCeq™, Vizamyl™.
– SPECT – HMPAO, DaTscan™.
– Build your own normal database for additional tracers.

•  Easy Visual Analysis
– Voxel-based analysis with color-coded overlays.
– Cluster analysis to refine your results for more confident interpretation.
– Region-based analysis with Z-score tables and SUVR statistics.
– Cortical surface projections for an overall visual perception.


Stress less and rest more with MIMcardiac at your fingertips. We’ve designed our cardiac software to fit your needs with quick and effective quantitative analysis in one solution.

Experience cardiac software innovation at its best with our robust image registration, automated left ventricle segmentation, and more.

Analysis for Cardiac SPECT/PET
•  Perfusion, function, viability for PET and SPECT.
•  Available as a stand-alone or part of MIM’s Nuclear Medicine Solution.

Perfusion and Function Quantitation

Automated perfusion and viability difference imaging.

Polar plots (with 17, 19, and 20 segment models), reversibility and Z-score maps.

SSS/SRS/SDS scores.

Accurate Edge Detection

•  Robust deformable image segmentation.

•  Accurate template-based alignment to the left ventricle.

•  TID statistics.

Multi-Modality Fusion

Correlate CT and MRI with PET/SPECT.

Automatically align stress and rest images.

Align studies over time to assess response.

Session Saves

•  Save all your work for later in one file.

•  Pick up where you left off.

•  Access from anywhere.

Remote Access

Upload images to MIMcloud®.

Access those images from anywhere on different devices.

Store and backup your work.

Dosimetry for Molecular Radiotherapy

There is a current belief among Nuclear Medicine departments that a necessary trade-off exists in acquiring patient-specific dose and the time required to do so. However, knowing the patient-specific dose doesn’t need to add significant time to your workflow.

MIM SurePlan MRT

•  Provides timesaving tools for organ and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and voxel-based dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy.
•  Patient-specific dosimetry (not model-based).
•  Supports Lu-177 and I-131 FDA approved therapies.
•  Provides vendor-neutral quantitative SPECT reconstruction and planar corrections.
•  Timesaving tools for VOI generation including tumors and normal organs.
•  Multi-modality rigid and deformable alignment.
•  Automatic dosimetry report generation.
•  Supports additional radionuclides for research.

MIM SurePlan™ LiverY90

MIM SurePlan™ LiverY90 provides timesaving tools for liver and tumor segmentation, deformable registration, and post-treatment dosimetry using Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT. Use it alone, or integrate SurePlan LiverY90 into the larger MIM ecosystem and take advantage of a comprehensive, vendor-neutral platform for Nuclear Medicine processing and review. Now you can read PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/ CT, and planar Nuclear Medicine images from any major manufacturer, all in one system.


MIM SurePlan LiverY90 provides timesaving tools for liver and tumor volume segmentation, deformable registration, and comparison between pre-treatment images and post-treatment dosimetry.

• Quickly generate liver and tumor volumes

• Reduce time to generate liver VOIs from 30 minutes to 10 minutes or less

• No need to wait on the 3D lab for volumes of interest

• Easily divide liver into lobes or segments to determine target region volumes

• Semi-automated tumor segmentation tools

• Planar and SPECT/CT lung shunt calculations • Incorporate multiple modalities with rigid and deformable registration

• Dose calculation on both Y90-PET and Bremsstrahlung SPECT

• Vendor-neutral dose calculation, resin, and glass

• Calculate dose using Voxel S Value Kernel Methods, Local Deposition Method, and Local Deposition Method with known activity (SPECT/CT)

• Combine Y90 dose with dose from other treatments such as external beam radiation therapy

• Automated tools for therapy response assessment

• Create information-rich reports with dosimetry and therapy response information

• Provides immediate information for earlier follow-up treatment decisions

Post-Y90 Dosimetry

The 2013/59/EURATOM Council Directive specifies the need to verify delivered doses from radiation treatments. SurePlan provides tools for Yttrium-90 microsphere post-treatment dose calculation using PET and SPECT.

Delivered dose can be compared to follow-up exams with automated tools for therapy response evaluation. The resulting treatment information can then be incorporated into the patient record.

Radiation Oncology

MIM Maestro®

•  Offers a total software package that puts oncology tools in one place to be utilized together.

•  Intelligent software for smarter patient care.

•  Radiation Oncology is at the heart of today’s fight against cancer.

•  It’s an everyday process to precisely tailor treatment plans to each patient.

•  You need a smart and efficient system of tools to help you do this.

MIM Premier®

MIM Premier’s automation is flexible and designed to handle the varying treatments your clinic delivers.

Identifies and processes incoming cases with customisable workflows
Auto-saves sessions to hand-off work seamlessly between clinicians
Allows for time to be focused on qualitative planning decisions

MIM Assistant®

•  Identifies incoming cases, uses customisable workflows to process them in a standardised way.
•  Auto-saves sessions to hand off work seamlessly between clinicians
•  Allowing your team to focus its time on qualitative planning decisions.